Monday, 29 June 2015

On Monday 16th June, against the advice of their officials, Dundee Councillors voted to give the go-ahead to Sports Direct opening a gym and retail shop in Lochee with the promise of hundreds of jobs.  Since then a number of local politicians have been in the press wanting to know what questions have been asked about the terms and conditions that will be applied to these jobs, pointing out that Sports Direct are notorious for operating zero hour contracts and paying the minimum wage to non-unionised employees.  A member of the People's Assembly in Dundee has asked, "Where does the Fairness Commission's Living Wage City proposal stand on this issue?"
Promoting a Fair Wage City is among a number of 'good ideas' before the Commission and our next task is to create a process by which we can progress 'good ideas' and hopefully bring them into being.  It is important, we believe, not just to produce a report in a year's time, but to get some things done as we go along.
The main item of business for this month's meeting will be Welfare Reform and its impact in Dundee.

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